1. How to insert the dustbag correctly?

The arrows on the dustbag show the direction, how to insert the support plate into the dustbag holder. The dustbag stays folded, and it opens itself to the optimum size. Please be careful not to close down the device when anything is tight.

2. It seems to be, that the dustbag is bigger than the vacuum cleaner's inside. Is it possible?

Dustbags are specially designed for the devices. So you can be sure that the dustbag's size fits optimally into your vacuum cleaner.

3. When should I change the dustbag?

You have to change your dustbag regulalry at least in every two months. Only regular exchange ensures the highest possible hygiene and the decent suction power.

4. How can I remove the dustbag in an environmentally friendly way?

The dustbag and its content are not compostable. Used dustbags should always be thrown into the trash can.

5. How can I find the proper dustbag?

You have to check up your vacumm cleaner's exact data and you can find the fitting dustbag in our webshop. Our productrange exists all kind of dustbags. If you have a special product please write us an e-mail!